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The Mental Health Continuum of Care

September 26, 2023

The Mental Health Continuum of Care

Similar to a physical ailment that may require hospitalization, rehabilitation or physical therapy, understanding mental health and seeking appropriate care is fundamental to our overall well-being. The Mental Health Care Continuum ensures individuals receive the appropriate care during every stage of their mental health journey.

1. Prevention and Self Care - Education around managing stress, exercise, adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, mindfulness, and healthy connections, play a crucial role in promoting and maintaining mental wellness. As we become more aware of common mental health symptoms, it encourages early conversations, and seeking help - much like recognizing the early signs of a physical ailment and consulting a doctor.

2. Seeking Support - When the need for assistance is recognized, outpatient services like counseling, therapy, support groups and helplines are available. These offerings provide a safe space to express feelings, gain coping strategies and work towards improved mental wellbeing - similar to visiting a primary care physician for routine check ups.

3. Establishing Stability - Supporting mental stability, Intensive Outpatient programs, like Charlie Health IOP, support individuals needing more than 1-2x a week therapy as well as those they may be transitioning from a higher level of care like Residential Treatment or Partial Hospitalization. Intensive Outpatient programs support individuals 9+ hours a week aiding them with groups, individual therapy and family therapy - similar to physical therapy or rehabilitation in the world of physical health.

4. Crisis Intervention - In times of mental health crises, immediate support is provided in the form of hospitalization, crisis helplines, or psychiatric emergency services which offer intensive care and stabilization. Just as we seek emergency medical help for physical injuries, we utilize the highest level of support during a mental health crises.

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