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Provider Application

Submit your information to the Connect-OC Resource Directory

In order for an agency to receive approval to be entered into the Connect-OC Resource Directory, the services provided by the agency must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Services must be offered in Orange County, CA
  • Agency must provide services to individuals ages 16-24 years old
  • Services offered must be related to mental/behavioral health or wellness, or be a support service (e.g. educational service or basic needs).

Connect-OC is a county-funded program operating under NCADD-OC. We, along with the Orange County Healthcare Agency, reserve the right to exclude an entry based upon failure to meet any of the above listed requirements or as appropriate at our discretion.

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Therapeutic Services
    Individual Therapy
    Family Therapy
    Group Therapy
    Crisis Line(s)
    Anger Management
    Peer to Peer
    Support Group(s)
    Faith Based Services/Counseling
    Psychiatric Services
Behavorial Health
    Inpatient Services
    Residential Shelters
    Substance Use
    Social Services
    Food Access
Educational/Informational Services
    Pod Cast
    Mental Health/Wellness Blog
    Peer Support
    Application (Phone App)
    Life Skills
Prevention Services
    Mental Illness
    Substance Use
College / University Services
    Counseling/Wellness Center
    Student Led Groups / Clubs
    Active Minds
    NAMI On Campus
    Psychology Club
Mental / Physical Wellness & Educational Services
    Art / Music
    Peer Support
    Physical Fitness
    Life Coaching
    Self Help
    Skill Building
Outreach Services
Engagement Services
Select all that apply
Foster Youth/Homeless
Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
If you do not see your service category or population above, please enter it here.
No-Cost Services
Fee For Service
Sliding Scale Services
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Information entered below will not appear on the public site listings. This information is for administrative purposes only.

Please provide your contact information in case we need to contact you regarding your resource listing.