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Vivi Vu

September 10, 2021

Vivi Vu

Tell us a little bit about yourself …

My name is Vivi and I am currently a student at CSULB. I am studying Health Sciences with a focus in Community Health. I look forward to graduating this Fall semester, which means I would be completing my studies within 3.5 years! I have tons of hobbies as I tend to pick up a lot of different skills out of curiosity and always look forward to trying new things. Traveling is also one of my favorite things, so I really hope we can all get vaccinated to be safe and explore soon!


What’s your connection to Orange County?

I was born and raised in Orange County. All my years of schooling have been in the same area and I’ve spent my free time with family and friends in all different areas of OC! I believe OC is such a nice place with a great mix of different cultures and offers so much to learn and explore.


Share a little bit about your outlook on life …

My outlook in life is to honestly have fun with it and take your time. It is a lot easier to say than do, but I believe constantly being worried about small things in life really does take a toll on your health. This was a mindset that I really had to grow into because I was also that person who dwelled on small issues and regretted a lot, thinking about what ifs. However, I soon realized that change is inevitable, that you can’t fix everything, and life goes on. Once I got into this mindset, it really helped me develop as a person. Don’t compare your progress with others as we all have different paths, do what makes you happy!


What’s your favorite book?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite book since there are so many different types! The Percy Jackson series is definitely an all-time favorite ever since I was young though. It’s action packed, funny, and you learn about mythology. I was absolutely obsessed with it when I was little, and I still love it.


What’s your favorite self-care activity?

My favorite self-care activity is probably playing games. I play lots of role-playing games or games that have a story in it. Through these, I love to immerse myself in the lore and explore the world building. It’s really so fun to see how game developers can flesh out different characters and create a world with different depths and allow the player to experience their visions so vividly. It’s another form of self-expression and art!


What drew you to community mental health work?

My very own experiences as well as interaction with family and friends drew me into community mental health work. I believe that the conversation of mental health is being discussed more often now, but there are still many holes within these discussions. We must really focus on intersectionality in these conversations and even acknowledge cultural differences and political climates. While we can go a more general direction, I believe dismantling specific systemic issues within the field of mental health can really go a long way.


How did you get into video editing? What drew you to it?

I am someone that is generally interested in art! As a kid I picked up skills on traditional art such as drawing and painting, but as technology became more accessible, I became interested in digital mediums. This led me to learn how to graphic design and draw digitally. Within this realm, video editing became more popular, as Youtube grew and animations became popularized, which piqued my interest. All my art skills have been self-taught, so I am still learning a lot every day.


What role can multimedia art (like the work you do with video) play in promoting mental wellness?

I think multimedia art can promote mental wellness in different ways considering people interpret art differently. Some people are more visual learners and understand concepts when they are played out in a video. Others may feel strong emotions when viewing traditional art, allowing them to understand how they want to express themselves mentally. Art in general is so diverse and can be interpreted in different ways, just like the different aspects of mental wellness, so it can help and promote to a lot more people.


What made you decide to intern with Connect-OC?

I decided to intern with Connect-OC because I really liked the work they are aiming to do. Those who are in their transitional ages are not as represented in the medical field. Especially within mental health, a lot of younger people have their issues brushed off as “too sensitive” or seen as being over dramatic. However, this is a stage in life with a lot of changes, so to provide support and offer resources is inspiring,


Why attend community mental health events, like those hosted by Connect-OC?

Attending community mental health events allows people to connect with others and share experiences! Through these connections, people can learn new perspectives as well as acquire information they can apply on their own journey of mental wellness.

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