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Camila Haro

UCI student/TAY representative/P4W - Connect-OC Intern

Participating in the mental health resource fair at UCI as a student was truly transformative. Through this event, I had the opportunity to express my emotions openly, finding a supportive community where I can confide in others and feel comfortable being myself. The fair also allowed me to better understand the various programs and resources available, enabling me to seek help more effectively when needed. Exploring my feelings of vulnerability and insecurity in this nurturing environment has helped me grow emotionally. I've learned new ways to cope with stress and anxiety, which are invaluable tools for navigating life's challenges and improving my overall emotional well-being. In addition, encountering the Connect-OC resource table at the fair was a fortunate moment. Their program motivated me to intern, and now I'm proud to be part of Partners4Wellness/Connect-OC. This enriching experience lets me contribute to mental health while growing personally and professionally.

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