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Jacquelyn Gerali

MS, LPCC, Faculty Counselor/Prevention Education Coordinator - California State University, Fullerton, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

It has been an honor, privilege and delight to work in partnership with Partners4Wellness/Connect-OC for the last two years providing Mental Health Resource Fairs for our student population here at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). Providing accessible low-cost mental health resources is paramount in our mission to spread mental health awareness throughout our campus and Connect-OC’s collaboration was pivotal in assisting us with our mission. The assistance provided by Partners4Wellness/Connect-OC staff was instrumental in being able to provide the high quality and thoughtfully executed 2nd annual Student Mental Health Resource Fair as a means to kick off Mental Health Awareness Month: May 1, 2023. The assistance provided by Connect-OC was valuable in our ability to extend our reach into the mental health community and provide our students with a variety of accessible mental health resources. The event impacted students in many ways: students were able to engage in doggy therapy and yoga activities, as well as meet with over 20 on and off campus accessible and low-cost mental health resources. Students shared that they enjoyed engaging in doggy therapy and learning about how to access the variety of mental health resources featured at the fair. Continuing to offer resource fairs like this in the future is critical in our ability to best meet the mental health needs of students by providing on and off campus mental health resource options. We value and appreciate working with Partners4Wellness/Connect-OC and thank Partners4Wellness/Connect-OC for all that they do!

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