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Sara Marquez

Education Training Director, Recovery Education Institute/Pacific Clinics

Being a part of the Connect-OC Coalition advisory committee has proven invaluable for Recovery Education Institute (REI). It has enabled us to effectively engage with the 18-24 age group, a vital demographic we are eager to connect with and support academically. Additionally, our participation has facilitated meaningful links between our staff and various community resources. This, in turn, ensures a seamless transition of our students to external resources that we may not directly offer. The monthly meetings have also served as a valuable learning opportunity for our staff, enhancing their skills in supporting our young adult demographic. 

Personally- The insights gained from these interactions have expanded my perspective and enriched my understanding of the unique challenges and needs faced by TAY in our community. This, in turn, has further fueled my commitment to making a positive impact and contributing meaningfully to their well-being.

The Connect-OC Coalition meetings have a profound impact as they enable our staff and community members to collectively recognize challenges and devise solutions pertaining to Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) in our locality. By furnishing us with a comprehensive toolkit and valuable resources, these meetings equip us to address the distinct requirements of TAY within the community effectively. 

Through this platform, we established a partnership with APAIT, which subsequently enabled us to offer essential training to our staff and students aimed at enhancing their LGBTQIA+ responsiveness. This invaluable connection and training opportunity wouldn't have been possible without the involvement and facilitation of Connect-OC. It has undeniably provided us with a channel to access and disseminate crucial information that directly benefits our program.

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