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Vivi Vu

CSULB graduate/TAY representative/P4W - Connect-OC Health Educator

Joining Partners4Wellness/Connect-OC as an intern allowed me to grow as an individual emotionally and professionally. I gained opportunities to connect with professionals within the field and gain insight on working with TAY within mental health. Speaking with so many individuals who share the same passion allowed me to be more introspective about the way I dealt with my own feelings and mental health. I frequently utilize the information learned through different panels and discussions with others within my own home. Through developing different events and content, I also learned how to be more creative and thoughtful in my creation of media to engage the youth in the community. I was given opportunities to explore different avenues of media that I would not have opportunities to explore outside of Connect-OC. I was ecstatic to get hired full-time as I was able to participate more in such an impactful community filled with passionate and talented people.

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